Eye of Ra Story ‑ Chapter Six

Stay Alert

John was awake and had been for some time. He was more than willing to stay where he was as Charlotte had draped herself across him on the bed. She was fast asleep or so he thought until a smile crossed her face.

"I can feel you watching me." Charlotte said sleepily.

"You are so beautiful I never tire of looking at you," he said stroking her cheek.

Charlotte slowly opened her eyes and let out a gasp.

"Well, you have obviously benefited from a good night's sleep."

"I do feel great, but I'm not sure it's down to sleeping," John said knowingly.

"It's your turn now - take at yourself in a mirror and see what I mean." Charlotte said giving a playful push.

John reluctantly untangled himself from her, and made his way across the room to the mirror hanging from the wall.

"What have you done to me? I think you put a spell on my while I lay asleep" Studying his own reflection in the mirror he said. "I'm totally unrecognizable from my normal self - do you think it's permanent?"

"Not guilty," she said laughing. Now you can experience some off the things that. I've had to endure."

"What do you mean?" He said as he moved the mirror to a different angle so that he could see himself better.

"I mean by not having any control or any answers to the things that are happening. I am in favour of the change in you, by the way; you look great," she said blowing him a kiss.

"I must admit I've never felt so good. Like you, I feel I could do anything," John said slowly running a hand over his rippling six pack.

"I'm not so sure about the 'Shirley Temple' hair though," said Charlotte hiding her face in the pillow and giggling.

"Just you wait," said John striding across the room. He jumped back onto the bed and started to tickle her.

Charlotte and John were making so much noise; they did not initially hear the knocking at the door accompanied by John's name being called. However, they did hear the knocking the second time as Abdul had raised his voice.

"Master can I enter, he called."

"Just a moment Abdul," John answered as they tried to make themselves decent by straightening the bedclothes. "Are you OK with this?" John asked Charlotte.

"Of course, we've done nothing wrong," she said smoothing out the bedclothes with her hands.

"I know, but we are living in a different century," he replied.

"Yes, but this type of behaviour has been going on since Adam and Eve. It is why eunuchs are bed-chamber guards," she replied. With that, John bade Abdul to enter.

Abdul entered the room his head bowed low; his eyes fixed firmly on his feet as he spoke.

"Master there is an envoy at the gate wishing to speak to Isis, but she cannot be found."

"He can wait Charlotte interceded. He is of no threat."

Abdul carried on as if Charlotte was not in the room. He Continued to address John.

"Shall I alert the guard's master."

"No Abdul, that will not be necessary I will deal with it," said John.

Abdul bowed even lower. Taking care not to look up, he carefully walked backwards out of the room.

"That was utterly absurd," Charlotte was clearly annoyed by Abdul's behaviour. She did not like being totally ignored.

"I found it rather amusing," John said.

"Your right of course, I can see the funny side of it too, but we must do something about this situation," she said with a giggle.

"Such as," said John more seriously.

"How would it be if we got married in this world? It will put pay to any problems that may arise from our unison. "I would not hold you to any marriage vows if and when we return to our own world," her closing words trailed to a whisper.

Charlotte was aware that John's feelings may not be as strong as hers, and that perhaps she was taking him too much for granted.

John clutched his hands over his hearts.

"I'm mortally wounded. What makes you think I would not want to be married to you in both worlds? I've told you before Charlotte you are my world. Wherever you go, I go."

"I was just checking," Charlotte said coyly. Turning she kissed him fervently on the lips.

"That's settled then. We will be married today."

A frown came over John's face.

"What's the matter now?"

"I was just thinking it looks like Ra is going to get his own way after all."

They quietly got dressed each occupied with their own thoughts. On leaving the room, Charlotte arranged to breakfast with John.

"Have you seen Charlotte Abdul? She was meant to join me for breakfast," said John as he pulled out a chair from the breakfast table.

"Yes master, she sends her apologies, but she has already eaten. She said she would see you later as she had many things to do. She seemed very happy today."

"Is she?" John said innocently but could not prevent a smile crossing his face.

"Abdul can I have a word, about this morning's incident in my chamber can we keep it our little secret?"

"Of course master" Abdul answered somewhat abruptly "Although, I must admit I'm offended you felt the need to ask," he said turning sulkily towards the door.

"Please wait Abdul," called John standing up and walking towards him. "I'm so sorry Abdul; it was not my attention to upset or offend you. I should have known better than doubt your loyalty, please accept my profound apologies."

"You know I would never be disloyal to you, or Isis," Abdul said sulkily.

"I do know that," said John repentantly. "Can we forget this sorry episode ever happened my friend?"

"It is already forgotten John," Abdul smiled, his natural sunny disposition getting the better of him.

"By the way Abdul, did Charlotte talk to the envoy before leaving?"

"Yes, she seemed rather agitated though, and left in a hurry with Akunosh."

"I wonder what that was about?" John said.

In the meantime, Charlotte rode into town with some of her guards to purchase new silks for the wedding. She was annoyed that their special day had been spoiled by her early-morning visitor. Why did this have to happen today of all days? The envoy who had come from a neighbouring village had told her of the villages' plight. She allowed herself to become distracted; otherwise, she may have sensed the danger. She felt guilty that she had allowed Sὲt to punish the villagers. He had poisoned their water supply, and many women and children had died needlessly.

As she walked through the market, Charlotte had an uneasy feeling that something was not right. She turned to her guards.

"Stay alert, she commanded."

A small child came towards Charlotte carrying a solitary flower and holding it out towards her to smell. She crouched down, and as she did so, a fine mist sprayed over her face. Charlotte immediately felt weak. Her legs buckled beneath her, and she fell to the ground. The next thing Charlotte knew she was being lifted and laid across a horse's saddle. She tried to struggle against the weariness. However, she finally blacked out.

Charlotte awoke to find herself blindfolded, and tied up to a chair. Her powers were weakened in this place. Therefore, it was with a struggle that she broke the bindings holding her. She pulled off the blindfold, blinking against the dim surroundings. The chair she was sitting on was the only furniture around the room, and a flame torch supplied the sole light, albeit dim.

Charlotte soon realised this was no ordinary room. It was entirely encased in steel, and without any windows. Fresh air was coming in from somewhere. Charlotte had spent hours looking for an escape, but all her attempts were fruitless. She felt weary, and for the first time in a long while Charlotte had to admit to herself, she felt vulnerable and very afraid.

However, she refused to panic, and let her mind work overtime. Why had she been placed here? She suspected that Sὲt was trying to contain her. She decided that she had no choice but to be inaccessible to Sὲt as possible. She closed her eyes and started chanting. Gradually, she went into a trance. In her mind, she could faintly hear Ra calling her. He seemed a long way off, and unable to communicate with her in his usual way. She tried thinking of John, and found that it relaxed her. Gradually, she went ever deeper into the trance...

John sensed something was amiss when by mid-afternoon, Charlotte had still had not returned. He rode out to look for her. He was alarmed for her safety when he found some of her guard's mutilated bodies on the outskirts of the town. John had been searching for hours, and was just about to turn back to get extra help when he heard Charlotte's voice faintly calling, it was so weak he could not understand what she was saying. He reigned in his horse, closed his eyes and concentrated as hard as he could on the sound.

"Where are you my love?" he said aloud.

"She is lost to us," came the reply.


"Is that you Ra?"

"Yes, it is my son."

"I'm not your son." John answered disgruntled.

"You are in the biblical sense. But this in not about you and I, Isis needs our help."

"If you know where she is, please I beg you take me to her," John said in desperation.

John found himself and his horse being lifted up then started flying through the air at great speed. He was gently placed back on the ground outside a strange-looking building. The building was out of place and not of its time as it appeared to be made of metal; John wondered how that could be!

"Ra what is this place? I don't understand how such a place can exist in these times," said John.

"I don't know. I know Charlotte is in this place, but I cannot reach her. I have tried to contact her using my mind but cannot. Something is blocking me. Only you can rescue her now my son," said Ra.

John was stunned, if Ra could not help Charlotte, how could he a mere mortal? He climbed down from his horse and tied it to a tree. John then walked the outskirts of the building but could not see an entrance. So he scrambled up the hillside until he was level with the top of the building. This had been to no avail as the roof was completely flat.

John was beginning to despair. As he started to climb back down the hill, he lost his footing. He found himself sliding down the hill towards the bottom of the building. On reaching the bottom, he was cut and bruised, and his foot was trapped in a small gap at the building's base. After a brief struggle, he managed to release it. This made him think that perhaps he could tunnel underneath the building to reach Charlotte. He wished he had the forethought to bring some digging tools with him.

As quickly, as the thought had crossed his mind, a lightning flash filled the sky, followed by something falling at his feet. The implement could only be described as a primitive shovel. He picked it up, and started digging furiously around the area his foot had previously been. He found that he had acquired great strength yet he was making little impact. He wished he had some help it would take hours of digging at this rate. He heard a horn, followed by the sound of galloping horses coming ever closer. John began to feel uncomfortable the hairs at the back of his neck stood on end. He sensed he was no longer alone. Indeed, felt he was surrounded by unseen beings.

Suddenly, the soil under his feet was being dug at a rapid rate. John realized that his request for help had come true. In no time at all, the area was being cleared. He did not know who these invisible helpers were, but he was grateful for their help and earnestly joined them in digging. He tried to enter the hole that had been dug out, but it was not large enough for him yet. John was concerned dusk was falling, and knew he had to act quickly.

"Isis must be rescued. Hurry my way is still barred, and it will soon be dark."

The hole was being made larger as he spoke. Then everything went quiet. The helpers stopped digging. John was in despair. He was exhausted and doubted that his invisible helpers had managed to break through. Listlessly he walked over to a rock and sat down. How could he possibly be expected to rescue Charlotte on his own, he was running out of time and options? Furthermore, why was Sὲt so inconspicuous by his absence? He expected him to try to thwart his rescue attempts by now.

Unashamedly, a teardrop splashed silently onto the back of John's hand. He was startled out of his thoughts by a white dove fluttering out of a tree that began to soar skywards. John read this as a signal that there is still hope and got up on his feet. Then he heard the sweet sound of Charlotte's voice.

"John, the Sahara people need your help. You must concentrate; you have been given special powers, use them."

"Charlotte I don't know what to do. How can I help them?"

There was no reply. He ran over to where they had been digging, and pushed his head and shoulders into the hole as far as they would go.

It was as black as coal and difficult to see anything. John instinctively closed his eyes. To his surprise with them closed, he could see the Sahara people. He was shocked to see that the mighty warriors were as small as pygmies!

John felt an overwhelming compulsion to put his fingertips to his temples. On doing this, there was a massive explosion, and he was thrown backward by the force of it. John was concerned with the Sahara people's safety. They would have taken the full force of the blast. He need not have worried he could hear the sound of their galloping horses receding in the distance. John looked up and to his delight; Charlotte was standing in front of him smiling. He jumped eagerly to his feet.

"I thought I had lost you forever," he said holding her tight.

"I can hardly breathe your squeezing me so hard," Charlotte, said revelling in his firm grasp.

"I thought I was never going to get out of that place," she said nervously.

"It's over now," he said trying to reassure her. "I believe now that the three of us can overcome Sὲt," said John.

"What do you mean the three of us?" She said lifting her head and looking at him quizzically.

"You, Ra, and little ole me," he said kissing her firmly on the lips.

"This is a turnaround Charlotte said, what made you change your mind?"

"Ra helped me find you, but he could not reach you in the building. He said that only I could rescue you," John boasted.

"He said that. What is going on, is he losing his powers?"

"I don't know it seemed more to do with the fact that the building construction was of our time."

"Do you realize what this means John? We might be able to get back to our own time! Although, I doubt that Ra could make that kind of transition. The worrying thing is, though there is a strong possibility that Sὲt would be able to transition, he made that building after all, there is no telling what he is capable of doing. The thing is we could not risk inflicting Sὲt on our world."

"I had not thought of that, but he's not that powerful yet, and it's up to us to stop him," John said determinately.

They arrived back quickly thanks to the return of Charlotte's powers. When John eventually had Charlotte to himself, they discussed the day's events.

"How did you end up in that room anyway?"

She relayed her story to John, and told him about that morning's envoy. In retrospect, she wondered if he had been a decoy to take Akunosh away, thank goodness he was unharmed. She went on to tell him about the child that had approached her in the market, and finally, her inability to escape from the building.

After they had bathed and changed their clothes. Abdul brought them a drink.

"I think in the future we will go everywhere together, and no more secret shopping trips to the market," he said kissing her hand.

"I was only trying to make wedding arrangements, but unfortunately, it will not take place now," she said disappointed.

"I'm sorry my love I did not mean to upset you." John said giving her a hug.

"Excuse me Isis, that is not exactly true," said Abdul smiling knowingly. "Everything is arranged the wedding guests are gathering in the grounds as I speak. I was told to go ahead with the plans."

"You were!" Charlotte said brightening up. "Who told you to go ahead?" She added excitedly. Abdul smiled and looked upwards.

"Oh, I see," she said smiling knowingly at John.

"You have some very powerful contacts," John said to Abdul.

John asked Abdul to make sure the guests were entertained for a little while longer. Then, Charlotte and he changed before joining their wedding guests outside. That night they were married under the stars. It was a simple wedding on a perfect balmy night, with the stars across the night sky seemingly shining brighter than ever. There were dancers, entertainers, fire-eaters, performing animals, even a play - Abdul did them proud.

They danced and laughed enjoying one another's company, and that of their guests. One of which was Abdul. He was seated at the top table with them in a place of honour alongside Akunosh. Both of whom were enjoying the experience of being waited on for a change!

When the newly weds were finally alone they made a pact to put an end to Sὲt's reign of terror, they had come to recognize that between the pair of them, they were a formidable force. Charlotte stood in the garden looking skywards with John beside her.

"Are you happy?" He said putting his arms around her waist. "I have never been happier," she said contentedly.

A few wispy clouds began to develop and floated across the moon. One of them formed into a shape, which was unmistakably that of Ra. In his hand, he held a golden globe as, he inverted the globe a gold dust began pouring from it covering them both.

"Blessings on you my children," he said.

The clouds melted away into nothing, and their perfect evening had come to an end. John took his bride's hand as they walked back inside...