- The Eye of Ra Story - Chapter Five

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Dust Storm

Charlotte held out her hand to John, as he took her hand in his - the pair disappeared from view. This unsettled those left within the chamber, and Abdul found himself being surrounded by members within the group. They began berating him for the situation they found themselves in. As it was, Abdul was already regretting dragging members of his own family, and his friends into this predicament.

The group needed a leader, so Abdul decided to assume command over the situation. Speaking with authority, he managed to pacify the men by reassuring them that both Charlotte and John would soon return. He then proceeded to lead them gingerly through the chamber, and on towards the entrance to the cave. He cautiously stepped out into the open.

He was immediately faced with a dust storm heading towards the cave at an alarming rate. He ran back into the chamber to warn the others. Abdul became aware of the noise of horse's hooves coming from within the dust cloud; which triggered a recollection of an account John had enlightened him about.

It was a confrontation between Charlotte - in the image of Isis, with her using her powers against Sὲt. On that specific occasion, her powers had proven to be the more powerful, and Isis had overcome Sὲt by using a magic horn. Abdul yelled at the cowering group to bring some sticks of dynamite from the bags in preparation for the suspected trouble ahead.

Abdul was relieved to hear a horn blown in the distance. He believed it to be Charlotte coming to the rescue. The sound was of such a high pitch, and so shrill; it was practically too much for the human ear to withstand. Some of the group covered their ears. The men who had gone to retrieve the dynamite, stopped what they were doing, and cowered inside the cave, covering their ears and curling themselves into a ball in protection against the sound.

Abdul forced himself to stoop for some of the dynamite; trying to disregard the throbbing in his ears. A dribble of blood slowly trailed down his face from his ear. He wiped it away with his hand, and then wiped his palm against his jacket several times. Once certain his hands were clean and dry he carefully picked up two sticks of dynamite...

Together again, John's mind was singing; he could feel his heart beating wildly in his chest. When Charlotte had taken his hand in hers, John found himself floating through the sky with her; she had turned to him, looked deeply into his eyes, and kissed him with such fervour; it made him feel weak with desire. John was in ecstasy from the memory of the kiss. The pair then started spiralling upwards in what could only be described as a tornado funnel, with a calm epicentre. Charlotte held him close to her.

"I've missed you so much," Charlotte said.

"And I missed you. I was beside myself with worry thinking that I would never see you again," said John squeezing her tightly. He could not remember ever being happier.

They landed gently on their feet in the centre of a room. They had come through the ceiling as if it was the most natural thing to do in the world. Hanging from a large rose fitting in the ceiling swathes of pastel coloured silks draped everything. Against the walls, lay brightly covered silk cushions. It reminded John of a scene from a film set.

In the centre of the room was a plinth on which stood the statue of Ra guarded by two giants of men. They moved towards John pointing their spears at him, but made no sound. Charlotte snapped out a command, and they went back to their duty of guarding the statue.

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