Eye of Ra Story ‑ Chapter Five

Dust Storm

Charlotte held out her hand to John, as he took her hand in his - the pair disappeared from view. This unsettled those left within the chamber, and Abdul found himself being surrounded by members within the group. They began berating him for the situation they found themselves in. As it was, Abdul was already regretting dragging members of his own family, and his friends into this predicament.

The group needed a leader, so Abdul decided to assume command over the situation. Speaking with authority, he managed to pacify the men by reassuring them that both Charlotte and John would soon return. He then proceeded to lead them gingerly through the chamber, and on towards the entrance to the cave. He cautiously stepped out into the open.

He was immediately faced with a dust storm heading towards the cave at an alarming rate. He ran back into the chamber to warn the others. Abdul became aware of the noise of horse's hooves coming from within the dust cloud; which triggered a recollection of an account John had enlightened him about.

It was a confrontation between Charlotte - in the image of Isis, with her using her powers against Sὲt. On that specific occasion, her powers had proven to be the more powerful, and Isis had overcome Sὲt by using a magic horn. Abdul yelled at the cowering group to bring some sticks of dynamite from the bags in preparation for the suspected trouble ahead.

Abdul was relieved to hear a horn blown in the distance. He believed it to be Charlotte coming to the rescue. The sound was of such a high pitch, and so shrill; it was practically too much for the human ear to withstand. Some of the group covered their ears. The men who had gone to retrieve the dynamite, stopped what they were doing, and cowered inside the cave, covering their ears and curling themselves into a ball in protection against the sound.

Abdul forced himself to stoop for some of the dynamite; trying to disregard the throbbing in his ears. A dribble of blood slowly trailed down his face from his ear. He wiped it away with his hand, and then wiped his palm against his jacket several times. Once certain his hands were clean and dry he carefully picked up two sticks of dynamite...

Together again, John's mind was singing; he could feel his heart beating wildly in his chest. When Charlotte had taken his hand in hers, John found himself floating through the sky with her; she had turned to him, looked deeply into his eyes, and kissed him with such fervour; it made him feel weak with desire. John was in ecstasy from the memory of the kiss. The pair then started spiralling upwards in what could only be described as a tornado funnel, with a calm epicentre. Charlotte held him close to her.

"I've missed you so much," Charlotte said.

"And I missed you. I was beside myself with worry thinking that I would never see you again," said John squeezing her tightly. He could not remember ever being happier.

They landed gently on their feet in the centre of a room. They had come through the ceiling as if it was the most natural thing to do in the world. Hanging from a large rose fitting in the ceiling swathes of pastel coloured silks draped everything. Against the walls, lay brightly covered silk cushions. It reminded John of a scene from a film set.

In the centre of the room was a plinth on which stood the statue of Ra guarded by two giants of men. They moved towards John pointing their spears at him, but made no sound. Charlotte snapped out a command, and they went back to their duty of guarding the statue.

"They are Eunuchs,'' said Charlotte "They guard me night and day, and will serve only me. First my love, you must eat to build up your strength." Charlotte clapped her hands in command.

The doors in the room swung open, John could see there were guards flanking the outside doors. A slave came towards them carrying trays of sweetmeats and fruit. John's mouth watered - he realized just how hungry he was. The trays were placed on tables. Another slave entered the room carrying a wine pitcher and some goblets.

With a nod, Charlotte bade the slave to pour the wine. He poured the wine into the goblet and drank from it. He then he wiped the rim of the goblet with a cloth, and set it down on the table. He went on to taste some of the sweetmeats and fruit. When Charlotte was satisfied, all was well, she waved her hand, and the slaves left the room. John tucked into the food once his hunger was satisfied he sated his thirst. John glanced across at Charlotte, who looked bemused.

"Have you had sufficient? Or shall I order more food?" Charlotte asked grinning broadly.

"No thanks, you may have noticed it has been a while since I've eaten," he said smiling and wiping his mouth on his sleeve.

John decided to report his side of their continuing story to Charlotte. After a while, he was satisfied that he had managed to convey everything to Charlotte that had happened to him since their last meeting.

"Now, you must tell me all that has happened to you," said John enthusiastically.

A grim look came over Charlotte's face.

"We have lost many a good man to Sὲt he has wreaked havoc, spoiling crops by disease, and causing starvation among the people. Furthermore, plague is rife, and the men are losing the will to put up a fight, having had their nearest and dearest lost to them."

"I had no idea things were so bad," said John. "Was there nothing you could do? - with your special powers, I mean."

"I have not been very strong since you been gone," Charlotte smiled weakly."Though I believe now with you at my side together we can eradicate this evil. I can feel myself becoming stronger every minute I am in your presence." John was moved by the sincerity of Charlotte's words.

"Maybe now things will take a turn for the better. I brought men, and supplies as you can see." He leaned forwards and kissed her gently on the mouth.

"The power of Ra will help you overcome." The voice inside his head returned.

He pulled away from Charlotte with a start. She laughed gently,

"I heard the voice too my love."

"Are we never to be alone?" John said in exasperation.

Charlotte was not paying attention to him.

"Is everything OK Charlotte?" John asked.

"No I fear not, we must act quickly your men are in trouble." Reaching out for his hand, she led the way as they stepped through the wall.

Once through the wall they found a slave holding the reins to a pair of horses. When they had mounted the horses, John dug his heels into his horse's side to encourage it to gallop. This was unnecessary as both horses began to float up from the ground at a full gallop. Never was John aware of any hooves touching terra-firma, in fact, they were low-level flying!

It seemed that within seconds, they were at the cave with Charlotte blowing her magic horn as they rode. As before, the dust cloud disappeared. Sὲt's riders had learned their lesson, and made a hasty retreat. As they reached the cave entrance, Abdul came running out carrying some sticks of dynamite in his hands.

"Abdul, I don't think you are going to need those my friend. I'll take them from you," said John.

John alighted from his horse, and took the dynamite from him. Abdul was more than pleased to be rid of them.

"Master I am so pleased to see you safe and well, " said Abdul.

John smiled patted his shoulder with his free hand and walked into the cave to return the dynamite.

Charlotte stayed where she was astride her horse. Abdul walked towards her, bowing deeply he proceeded to kiss her feet.

"Your servant Isis," Abdul said his head bowed.

Charlotte lifted his chin, so she could see his face.

"Thank you for your allegiance Abdul, I hope you will serve me as well as you have John, and that we will also become firm friends." Charlotte held out her hand as Abdul helped her off her horse. "John may have told you that Akunosh is my trusted right hand, and the leader of my guards. Will you do me the honour of becoming my trustworthy other? I promise that I will never test your loyalty by asking you to choose between John and me?"

"It will be my honour to serve you mistress. To me you and John will be as one," said Abdul.

Charlotte thanked Abdul and led the way into the cave.

The group then gathered up their belongings. They decided between them that the armaments they had brought with them should stay in the cave for safekeeping. They did not want them to get into the wrong hands. When everyone had left the cave, Charlotte sealed it up by chanting a spell.

"This is a very special spell," she explained to the group. Charlotte went on to tell them that only she or John would ever be able to open the cave.

A man cautiously stepped forward with head bowed he asked Charlotte if Sὲt could open the cave.

"Do not worry he cannot break this spell," replied Charlotte walking towards her horse.

"Is there a problem?" John said walking after her.

"Not really, it is just that I have had weak-minded men, persuaded by greed to give Sὲt some of my secrets before, I'm only trying to protect everyone."

"That's fine by me," he said getting onto his horse.

Charlotte and John rode off. The rest of the men made their way to the town by foot.

That evening John and Charlotte spent, a few enjoyable hours in one another's company even though they knew were not exactly alone. John could feel the constant presence of a third party - that of Ra. However, it did not prohibit them from enjoying themselves. Charlotte dismissed the guards from the room. They did not move standing guard outside the door.

Throughout the evening, John could not stop yawning. In the end, he had to concede defeat and retired into his room. As he entered the room one of the slaves was drawing a bath, it looked very inviting. John got undressed and spent an hour soaking in the bath before retiring to bed, no sooner had his head hit the soft cushions than he was fast asleep.

"John," it was Charlotte calling to him.

"Charlotte, where are you?" He said sleepily.

Suddenly, he began to float upwards hovering over his own body. Looking down at himself, he was amused to see himself peacefully sleeping in his bed. He was not in the least perturbed as he continued to float up. Finally, he found himself outside the building. It was a moonlit night with stars shining brightly in a cloudless sky. A soft warm breeze was blowing, and there was a strong smell of roses wafting through the air.

"Come to me John," said Charlotte.

John looked around for her. Finally, he could see her approaching; she was a vision of beauty air walking towards him through the stars. She held out her hands, and led him to an oasis in the sky.

"Am I dreaming," said John.

"No my love, it's time for us to unite. Ra has decreed it."

John dropped his head. The magic of the moment was spoilt for him.

"No Charlotte; if anything was to happen between us, I would want it to be because we wanted it to happen, not someone else."

"How can you doubt my feelings for you John, have you not sensed them already?"

"Of course I have, and I feel the same way. It's just that everything has happened so quickly, and it is as if we are being told what to do."

Charlotte's feelings were hurt.

"Maybe this was a mistake," Charlotte said, failing to choke back the tears.

"I am sorry, please don't cry my love. I have to admit I'm afraid. After all, you are a Goddess, and I'm a mere mortal. What if your powers are too strong for me?"

"John, don't doubt yourself, think of what has happened to you, the things you have seen, heard, and done. You are no mere mortal in this world. You and I are soul mates we belong together. United we can fight against this evil, and perhaps become even stronger than Sὲt."

"Is that your wish, or the wish of Ra? The minute he had voiced his thoughts, he regretted saying them.

He felt himself being propelled through the air with great force that ended with him lying sprawled across his bed. He laid his head in his hands, what had he done? There was a commotion outside his bedroom door. Suddenly, the door was flung open with such force; it broke a vase by smashing it against the wall. Charlotte walked in and slammed the door shut with equal force. She was livid as she walked towards him. He could see that her eyes where bright red, and John feared for his safety. He remembered all too well. What had happened last time he had seen her look like this?

"Charlotte and take control of Ra, don't let him override your feelings or else something dreadful will happen," John yelled at her at the top of his voice.

Charlotte froze in her tracks, and fell on her knees sobbing.

"Oh John, please forgive me, Ra was so angry."

He knelt beside her and cupped her face in his hands.

"Darling I'm sorry I did not mean to hurt you. I regretted saying the words the minute they left my lips. You know how much I love you; it would be unbearable for us to be apart. You mean the world to me, please don't ever leave me. I am lost without you."

John kissed her cheek as he knelt beside her. He began covering her face in kisses. Eagerly finding her lips, he melted as she responded. They clung together, kissing each other with such fervour, both wanting to possess the other. Charlotte gently slipped out of her robe. She was the most incredulous women John had ever seen. Her skin was like alabaster in stark contrast to her raven-black hair.

He was transfixed by her beauty. Suddenly, he could no longer contain himself; he took her with a passionate fervour he did not realize he had in him. So extreme where their feelings for each other John could swear, he could hear the rhythm of Charlotte's heart beat. His own heart was beating that strongly in his chest that he felt it was going to explode.

John was acutely aware of something strange happening within his body. He could feel another rhythm beating within his chest. It was mimicking his own-heart, which was beating at a tremendous rate. As his heart slowed to its normal rhythm, the secondary rhythm joined in accordance with his heart. John was now convinced there were two hearts beating beneath his rib cage instead of just one.

As they reached the pinnacle of their feelings, they both thought that they would die from the absolute pleasure of their union. They lie in one another's arms spent of all emotions. Charlotte gently lifted John's hand and placed it against her chest. There was no doubt about it. There were now two hearts beating under the palm of his hand.

"I think you can safely say we are united," said John, they both fell about laughing...