Eye of Ra Story ‑ Chapter Four

Back to the present

John opened his eyes and closed them again immediately. The bulb was so bright, and his head was thumping. He shot up in bed and found incredibly that he was back in the present in his room in Cairo. Had he really dreamt everything? He dismissed the thought as quickly as it entered his mind. It was all far too vivid and real to be a dream.

What was he to do, and where was Charlotte? He could not leave to her fate. He had discovered his real feelings for her when he had found her collapsed. It was then that he had realized he had fallen in hopelessly in love with her, even though he had only known her for a short time. The idea of never seeing her for at least one more time was unbearable to him. He must find her again, and soon. There was a gentle tap on his door, and he heard the familiar voice of Abdul calling him.

"Can I come in Master John?"

"Yes, come in Abdul."

"Are you feeling better now master? How is your head?" Abdul said putting down a breakfast tray.

John thought quickly; he did not want it to look as if he did not know what Abdul was talking about! He said that he was feeling a little better. Abdul left him to eat his breakfast in peace, he thought his master looked very pale. As he left the room, he said he would be back shortly to collect the tray. John sat down and opened the newspaper. To his shock, his own face stared back at him. The headlines read, "Curator of the museum found trapped in cave" Well that explains a lot, said John to himself.

He read on. It appeared that he had been trapped for two days. He was found by guards who had conducted a search after some of his belongings where outside the cave entrance. The reporter had been informed that Mr. Hunter was going to require a few days' recuperation. It went on to say that, it was unclear exactly what Mr. Hunter was doing in the cave, as it had been cordoned off to the public by the police some time ago.

"I wonder what they found," he said aloud.

"It was your rucksack and jacket master," said Abdul who had entered the room. "The alarm was raised because there was blood on your jacket. The police seemed to think it was from your head wound."

John had known Abdul for years, and he recognised something in his tone that suggested he was doubtful.

"Really, is that so - do you think that Abdul?"

"No master, you and I know differently," he said giving John a sideways look.

"I see," said John rubbing his chin. "Abdul I think we need to retrieve the car from the garage. We have visits to make."

John got himself dressed albeit slowly, as his head was not feeling any better from when he first woke up. He went downstairs through the lobby and out of the hotel entrance. There he found Abdul sitting behind the steering wheel of the car.

When they had cleared the town and John, felt satisfied they were not being followed, he asked Abdul to pull-off the road so that they could talk.

"Well Abdul, just what has been going on?"

"Master...," Abdul began.

"Stop right there, how many times do I have to tell you Abdul. When we are alone you are to call me John," he said not bothering to hide his exasperation.

"Sorry John, I did not mean to make you angry."

"I'm not really angry at you my old friend. We have known each other a long time. I wish you would treat me as a close friend. Maybe, as you would do one of your own brothers!" John gave him a playful punch to the arm.

Abdul seemed to relax a little and gave him a big grin causing his gold tooth to glisten in the sunlight.

"Now that is settled. What was meant by the comment we know different?"

"Do you not remember anything?" Abdul said searching John's face for some reaction.

"Maybe I do. This may seem a strange question," said John hesitantly "I do have some memories, do you recognize the name Charlotte"?

"Don't you mean Isis? Yes, I do recognize the name; I met her with you John." I decided to return to Cairo and await your return after your disappearance."

"Oh thank the Lord, I thought I was going crazy there for a while," said John giving a nervous laugh.

He proceeded to tell Abdul all about the experiences both, he and Charlotte had, and waited for Abdul's response. Abdul said just one word.


"Sorry, but you have lost me there! You will have to translate that for me." John replied.

"It means friend of God," said Abdul giving an exaggerated bow. John allowed himself a wry smile.

"It would appear that you have been on a long and hazardous journey without me John. Will you take me with you next time so that I can help and protect you? I worry about your safety my friend," said Abdul.

"If there is to be a next time," John said wistfully. "I don't know how to get back, and I suspect Charlotte is in serious danger."

"You care a lot for this girl I think John? She is very pretty."

"Yes on both counts, but I must find a way of returning to her as soon as. Do have you any ideas?"

"The only way I can think of is through the cave, as this is obviously the way in which you returned to us."

"Yes, you could be right. The guards could prove to be a problem though. Either must find another entrance or over power them, and the trouble is that will draw too much attention."

"A memory stirs," said John running his fingers through his hair. "I think there may be a way through the roof of the cave?"

"Good, said Abdul, we will rise at bird song and see if we can find the entrance."

The rest of time was taken up with them buying supplies. They took care not to draw too much attention to themselves, as the authorities seemed to be watching their every move. Abdul enlisted the assistance of his four brothers, and numerous cousins. They split into groups and went to different villages to collect supplies, ammunition, rifles, and mules. Each group approaching the cave from differing points on the compass, while keeping a low profile until they were joined by John and Abdul at the designated area.

John slept poorly that night; he kept re-living the death of Sied. Throughout the recurring nightmare, there were voices calling to him. One was the soft gentle voice of Charlotte calling his name repeatedly. The other voice was stronger, and was the same voice he had heard when he had last seen Charlotte. He was trying his hardest to block out this voice, as he did not trust it.

He was awakened from his sleep aware of someone calling his name even louder. He kept his eyes closed at first as he felt he was not alone in the room. He slowly opened them, and as they adjusted to the darkness inside the room, he could see Charlotte standing in the middle of the floor. He got out of bed and began to walk towards her as he did, she appeared to be fading before his eyes.

It took a few moments for John to realize that this was a vision of her, not her physical being. He came to a standstill just in front of the vision.

"John can you hear me?" The vision asked, "Yes, I'm here Charlotte" he replied.

"You are to be by my side during this quest. You and I are to fight the evil that is Sὲt, Osiris has decreed it."

"I am trying to return to you Charlotte. I have enlisted the help of my trusted friend Abdul, alongside some of his family. We will try to reach you through the same cave tomorrow," said John.

"Listen to Osiris, he will guide you and show you the way. Hurry to my side my love time is running short," said the vision.

The vision began to fade. John called after it; there were so many questions he needed the answers too. He felt frustrated that he was unable to do more.

"John recalled the words, "hurry to my side my love." The words spoken with feeling filled him with joy.

John felt wide-awake after his experience, so he washed and dressed. He busied himself making sure there were no traces of his destination in his room and waited impatiently for Abdul's to knock at the door. When it came, he opened the door with such a rush Abdul took a step backwards.

"I see you are ready Master," he said smiling.

They made their way to the back of the building where a pair of mules had been tied up. They did not speak, but gestured with their hands, so as not to raise the alarm of those that would be watching. Then, they climbed upon the mules and made their way out of town.

They started in different direction from their actual destination wanting to ensure they were not followed. However, they need not have not worried, as all the towns' inhabitants appeared to be sleeping; they made excellent time, and reached the cave just as the sun began to rise. Watching from behind rocks, they saw the guards outside the cave began to stir. Then they quietly made their way around to the back of the cave.

Abdul placed he hands over his mouth and made the sound of a birdcall. Immediately, there was a reply. From behind the rocks one of Abdul's brothers beckoned for them to follow him. John stopped in his tracks. The voice inside his head was back.

"Climb to the top to the ledge there you will find a parchment under a stone with directions," it said.

Abdul beckoned nervously for John to hurry. He would not feel secure until they were out of sight of the guards prying eyes. They joined the remainder of Abdul's group giving them all a silent hug as a greeting. John pointed to the ledge that they were to climb. Silently as possible, they all made their way up to the ledge with the mules and supplies.

When they were out of earshot of the guards, John explained to Abdul about the message he had heard earlier. Abdul did not seem a bit surprised at this turn of events. When they reached the ledge, John began turning over some of the stones looking for the parchment, but Abdul seemed to know were the hiding place was.

"Is there something you are not telling me?" John asked Abdul.

"I too have heard the voice," Abdul said with a broad grin.

"You are a sly old fox. I'm glad we both have the same agenda," said John patting him on the back.

The parchment directed them to the top of the hill, which was covered in a thicket. This helped to hide them from the view. They searched for an entrance to the top of the cave but to no avail.

"Have you received any further clues Abdul?" John asked.

"No sorry," came back his reply.

"Nor I," said John.

John sat down on a rock and closed his eyes as he did there was a blaze of light, and suddenly he was back in Charlotte's world. She was pointing to a rocky area. He opened his eyes and looked about him; he could see the area just feet away from him.

"Over here," he called to the others.

They all approached the area, and stood huddled together not entirely sure what they were meant to be looking at, suddenly the ground beneath their feet began to rumble, and from among the stones an acrid green smoke began rising, there was a sound coming from below just like a drawbridge opening.

The next thing that they all knew was they found themselves in the same cave that Charlotte and John had visited previously. Abdul and his relations looked around in dismay. As had happened before, they were all clothed in the attire at the time.

"Come on," said John as he approached the wall.

He found the brick that opened the door to the chamber. Once opened - they headed for the exit.

"Hurry shouted Charlotte," running towards them. Sét is coming"...