Eye of Ra Story ‑ Chapter Two

Time Tunnel

John lie perfectly still he was content to remain where he was for a wee while longer. During the time, they were travelling along the tunnel - which he had supposed to be a time tunnel, Charlotte had clung to so him tightly finally landing on top of him in the cave.

As for Charlotte, she was more than content to stay where she was. She was very frightened and took comfort from John's close proximity. Charlotte reluctantly got up to her amazement, they both had their clothing transformed into the attire of their Egyptian ancestors.

"Nice outfit," said John.

"Likewise I'm sure," retorted Charlotte.

"I wonder if we can attract the attention of anyone outside," John said getting to his feet.

"No, they are our enemies." Charlotte shouted.

"How do you know that?"

"I just know - I can't explain how I know," Charlotte said with a deep frown on her facce.

"Fine, so it begins. I think I'm going to have to trust your judgment, but if at any time you are not 100% sure, please feel free to share such information with me."

Charlotte sensed John's bruised ego.

"I'm sorry; I did not mean to be so dogmatic, it's just a feeling I have. I know it will lead to danger."

"No problem," John said sheepishly knowing he had overreacted. "We can work these things out as we go along. I'm afraid my boss has come to a sticky end, by the look of that ornate dagger protruding from his back," he said leaning over the body. "I doubt will we ever find out what happened. The blood on his jacket is dry; it looks like he has been here some time. The question is who murdered him, and how did they get out?"

"I don't know, but I think we may need that dagger. If you can bear to retrieve it," Charlotte replied.

John removed the dagger from the body, and wiped it on the sleeve of his jacket, then tucked it in his belt - Charlotte involuntary shuddered.

"John we must find a way out. I have so many questions I need answers too. Especially about my ancestors, but they can wait for now. Since I've been here I have been getting flash backs in time. Different characters keep appearing before me, and I don't know who they are."

"Ok, let's try to find an opening. I think we should feel along the walls to see if we can get any draughts from the brickwork," said John running his hands over the wall of the cave.

Charlotte walked to the opposite cave wall mimicking John's actions.

"I think I've found something; over here," called John. Charlotte crossed the cave and joined him.

"Your right there is a definite draft coming from the brickwork here," Charlotte said running her hand down the bricks.

Charlotte froze as she felt, but could not see, something guiding her hand to push against a particular large brick. She immediately withdrew her hand. John could see she was feeling uneasy about something.

"It's OK; your feelings have served you well so far. It may be our only way out of here," he urged.

John added his weight to hers to push the brick. As they did the sound of brick grating against brick, echoed throughout the cave. A chink of sunlight began to show making them half close their eyes against its brightness. They watched, as the opening grew larger.

John bent over and picked up the casket from the floor of the cave, and led the way through the opening. Charlotte followed close behind. They found themselves in a chamber. On the far side of the chamber, they could see an opening, and together they ran towards it. Charlotte stopped just before the opening, and pulled John back.

"What's the matter?" he said.

"I think you may need to have that dagger handy, have you ever heard of the name Sét?"

"I'm afraid so. Legend has it that he was around some 5,000 years back. He was bad news; I'm afraid. Why do you ask?"

"A voice inside my head keeps repeating to me to beware of Sét."

"Well mythology tells us he was the slayer of Osiris, and brother of Isis. Osiris was husbanded to Isis, and Sét became their enemy," said John beginning to feel uneasy. "So maybe the voices you hear outside are our enemies. What do you think we should do? We have to get out of here, and we have no weapons apart from the dagger."

John was about to say more, when he looked across at Charlotte, who appeared to be in some sort of trance.

"Charlotte, are you feeling OK?"

"I don't know what's happening any longer. I have experienced things that have been very alien to me. Now I'm being told to look inside the casket at one of the parchments."

Charlotte shook her head as if to clear it. The action seemed to rouse her out of the trance. John opened the casket. One of the parchments had the 'Eye of Ra' (Utchat) symbol on it. He opened it carefully, after reading the word 'powers' Inscribed on it. He passed it to Charlotte.

"I think you may need to read this," he said.

"Well, if I can understand the language, maybe I can read and even speak it," said Charlotte taking the parchment from his outstretched hand.

Charlotte assumed correctly; she could read and speak the language. John had to admit to himself that she was far better at it than he was. As Charlotte finished reading the verse, the chamber began filling with blue smoke. As the smoke cleared, they found themselves surrounded by of a group of Egyptian guards.

The guards fell upon their knees, and started bowing to Charlotte, who gestured for them to rise. A guard stepped forward stating his name was Akunosh and he was in overall command over the men. He said that they were her own guards who would protect her with their lives. Speaking to them in Arabic Charlotte warned them about the perils that possibly lie ahead once outside the cave.

Charlotte and John walked behind the guards who cautiously lead the way out of the chamber. On reaching the entrance, they found their way barred by a group of armed men. A surly individual walked towards them.

"Where did you come from?" He asked.

"Out of our way," said Charlotte with authority.

This inflamed the man who appeared to be the group leader. With a nod from his head, he gave the command to attack. John watched in amazement as Charlotte raised her arm and sent a man flying across the ground. A second man dared to approach Charlotte; he suffered a worse fate. She produced a bolt of lightning from the palm of her hand, and he dropped lifeless to the ground. The attackers realising that this was one fight they were going to lose and fled.

"Isis has returned," they shouted repeatedly as they ran for the hills.

John ran to Charlotte and lifted her up in his arms spinning her around.

"Well done Charlotte - that put pay to them. I think they may be back with reinforcements though, but we are OK for now."

John swung her around repeatedly unable to contain his delight. He froze as he felt several spears jabbing his back. Charlotte spoke sharply to her guards who reluctantly moved away.

"Sorry, I got carried away by the moment," said John feeling grateful she could control them.

"I'm afraid they think I'm Isis Charlotte whispered, and that I should not be touched."

"Yes I can see why they would think that. You put on some show with those attackers."

"I don't know how these things are happening to me. I am not the one in control I'm being told what to do at every step." Charlotte replied.

John turned away; he did not want her to read his facial emotions. Even he was beginning to have doubts as to who Charlotte was - or who she was becoming.

The group made their way to the village they could see in the distance. They had no means of transport apart from a mule left by the attackers, and they all had insisted Charlotte should ride that. It was estimated it would be late morning before they reached the village.

After a discussion, it was decided that they would walk until dusk, and then make camp for the night. Charlotte was deep in thought whilst travelling the road. So much had happened in the previous few hours it was like a dream, or a nightmare depending on your point of view. However, she did not feel like a stranger to this land or to its people. Indeed, she had the feeling that she was returning home.

As for his part, John was convinced that his assumption was correct about Charlotte having blood ties to Isis. The amazing thing was she was acting as if she was Isis - as if some power had taken command of her. It was becoming increasingly difficult to part fact from myth. God - she looks great wearing that robe; he thought his mind wandering.

"What?" Charlotte said you're staring at me."

"Am I - sorry. It's just that you are so different from the person I met in France a few hours ago."

"I think we have left her far behind," said Charlotte wistfully.

It was just before dusk when they eventually set up camp. Some of the guards wandered off into the shrubs returning with a brace of rabbits, and plant roots. They then set about making a fire, barbecuing the rabbits, and charring the roots, which made a surprisingly delicious meal. John and Charlotte could not believe how hungry they were. With their stomachs satisfied, Charlotte turned to John.

"Are you up to filling me in on a few details yet John?"

"Of course, I'll tell you all I know. Ask me any questions later if you think I've missed anything out."

John told Charlotte of how in ancient Egypt, the gods had ruled the land. 'Osiris,' was one of the gods. He was a brother to 'Sét' and husband to 'Isis'. Sét was jealous of Osiris, and murdered him. He then tore his body into fourteen pieces and scattered them throughout Egypt. Through the magic of Isis, he was resurrected for a brief time. Just long, enough to produce a son named 'Horus'. Osiris then died becoming ruler and guardian of the deceased. Osiris was generally portrayed as a bearded man mummified. Wearing a crown, his hands stand out from dressings. He holds a crook, whip, and sceptres.

"My god, he's one of the visions I keep seeing," said Charlotte in amazement.

"I'm not all that surprised. Has he spoken to you?" John asked.

"I'm not sure. I do hear a voice telling me things. I believe it was his hand on mine pushing the brick in the cave. Carry on please I'm intrigued," Charlotte said.

"Sét was the god of strangers, and the desert. Sét was often described as the evil god. He was portrayed as a human with the head like a pig, snake, crocodile, or some other animal. He also hated Isis for helping Horus to overcome him - together they had managed to maintain a balance within the universe. As for Isis, she was the sister and wife of Osiris. The most popular of all the goddess's she personified faithfulness, motherhood, and had healing powers."

"Isis also had other magical powers, and was believed to be the most powerful magician in the universe. She became known as the goddess of magic. Isis learned most of her powers from Ra, the first god. He was known as the sun god. John lifted Charlotte's hand. This ring is called an 'Utchat', meaning amulet of protection, and it is used to repel evil. It is believed to lose its powers at night though, as it is the symbol of the sun god."

Charlotte got up putting more branches of scrub wood onto the fire. She stood gazing into the dancing flames. John continued telling her about Ra. Legend has it that he had shone down on all Egypt, but he was alone. He decided to create two children who one day became lost. Ra plucked out his left eye sending it to find them. When the eye returned, it had the children. As a reward, he placed it the eye on his brow, and became known as the all-powerful 'Eye of Ra'. Ra was portrayed as a hawk-headed man or a hawk.

Charlotte slumped down on her knees.

"Oh John, what is going on he is the other vision I keep seeing? Why is all this happening to me? I don't understand."

In the distance, they could hear a horn blown and men shouting as they came closer to their camp. Charlotte's guards surrounded her their spears at the ready. She had gotten to her feet by the time a group of men came rushing through the bushes brandishing spears. A man riding a donkey appeared from behind them. He looked like a religious man by the robes he wore. He alighted from the donkey coming towards them in a defiant manner saying...