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The Doomsday Book References Elvetham ... History: In 1426 Elvetham was the home of the Seymour family and was passed on via succession. Edward Seymour the 1st Duke of Somerset, was the eldest brother of Jane Seymour who became the third Queen consort of Henry VIII in 1536, later she bore him a child who was to become Edward VI.

Jane's other brother Thomas, married Catherine Parr who later went on to become Henry VIII's sixth wife. Edward Seymour's political career improved due to his sister's marriage and he became the Earl of Hertford. Jane's ten-year-old son was too young to rule after Henry VIII's death and Edward was appointed Council of Regency as Protector of the Realm to help the young king Edward VI rule. The Earl of Hertford had great influence over the young king who went onto make him Duke of Somerset.

The Duke of Somerset bigamously married the younger sister of Lady Jane Grey who was a possible heir to the throne. The Duke was imprisoned in the tower of London for this, as the couple had not received Queen Elizabeth's permission to marry. In an effort to regain favour after his release, and to legitimise his children, he entertained Queen Elizabeth at Elvetham. The lavish entertainment gala lasted for four days. After his death, William Seymour his grandson inherited Elvetham and became Marquis of Hertford and Duke of Somerset...

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