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Pammies © World Wide Web History - Fiction & Photography

World Wide Web (www) History

The articles highlight how an idea born to fruition by Timothy Berners-Lee led to a unique development which was achieved in a Quantum Leap of time. It makes for some very interesting reading. Read all four links of "Web History".

"Welcome to Pammies" I am fortunate enough to live in an area, which is surrounded by pine trees and heath land. There are many lovely walks in the surrounding area. We can even boast our own local racecourse 'Tweseldown'.

Pammies has links to local amenities such as, Fleet Carnival. Additionally, do not miss the photographer Jonathan Mist's beautiful wildlife photographs, some of which are taken along the Blackwater canal. Furthermore, why not view the beautiful work of the artist Terry Harrison who paints stunning local scenes.

Fleet pond is a nature reserve set in 135 acres, the pond occupying half of this; it is the largest fresh water lake in Hampshire. Local people are used to the annual site of the Canadian geese holding up a line of traffic, while mother and chicks cross the road. The Farnborough Bi-Annual Air Show is extremely popular event; it brings many tourists from around the country and abroad, being a much-heralded event.

The Basingstoke canal flows through Fleet, Aldershot, Farnborough, Woking, and Weybridge, where it then joins the river Thames. During Easter and other Bank Holiday weekends the canal boat the "John Pinkerton" operates along this Hampshire stretch of water, and is very popular with locals and tourists alike. A new craft has been commissioned and hopefully will be in use for 2013...

Update: June 2013 BBC South Today presenter Sally Taylor named the new Canal Boat - John Pinkerton II

Education Online

Education played a large part in my life. When working during the day, in the evenings, and at weekends, I would partake of Open University courses. However, for now I have taken a break from the OU having obtained my desired degree. One of my loves is anything to do with computers. For anyone wishing to learn the basics of how their PC works I would suggest a visit to the OU website or other online educational websites.

Open University courses help you develop through knowledge, you can work on-line, and at your own pace. My Tutor Marked Assignment (TMA) for the now defunct course T171 was on Timothy Berners-Lee, he was the pioneer and paramount web developer, of the World Wide Web (www). For this TMA and others, I was able to search the Web for detailed Information.

All web addresses have www at the start of them, which you may well have used to access this website, the address being The URL address helps to direct traffic to its destination. By using this increasingly popular form of technology, Information can be found on just about any topic of interest...

Fictional Stories

I also dabble in story writing. As you will see I am very much a novice but it helps to take me away from reality, which we all need now and then. 'The Eye of Ra' story has several chapters. Alternatively, I have also written a short story (Novelette) named 'STAR'.

  • Begin The Story:Eye of Ra
  • Begin The Short Story (Novelette): STAR

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